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Mission and Motivation

The mission of COVID Reason is to explore and assess the COVID narrative to determine the legitimacy of the science, data, talking points and recommendations that were presented to the world. Uncovering these truths may enlighten minds and save lives.

Motivation for COVID Reason stems directly from the millions of lives that were lost during the pandemic and the people who currently suffer from health and jab related injuries. Since people weren’t properly informed about the COVID jabs, the information in the Research Report will be new to many.

Who performed this research?

Edward I. created COVID Reason and the Research Report on COVID-19. He is also a research director and epidemiologist with 18+ years of health care experience in the sectors of public health, health insurance, nonprofit and consulting. To complete this report, the expertise and efforts of many doctors/scientists, practitioners and citizens from around the world were reviewed and assessed, revealing stark findings. Hopefully, others will be inspired to seek more knowledge and facts with their own informational journeys.

When merging human flaws with sick governments and factions focused on greed, profit and power, it makes for an amalgamation of factors and events, leading to a certain destruction of society and more importantly, the human spirit.

-Phrase from Research Report on COVID-19